Thursday, 10 January 2013

Reflection for learning and the 7 Pillars

I've just come across an article in the latest issue of the Journal of Information Literacy (thanks Cathie) by Pam McKinney and Barbara Sen, entitled "Reflections for Learning: understanding the value of reflective writing for information literacy development". It describes research undertaken at Sheffield where a group of undergraduate students were asked to reflect on their IL development as part of some assessed work. The authors then mapped the writing again a model of reflection and against the 7 pillars model. As one of the authors of the 7 Pillars it was exciting to see the depth to which the model was studied and to know that it is proving to be a useful tool. The authors make the point that the 7Ps model doesn't make it clear that IL needs can change over time. This was implicit in the design, but it's not made explicit in terms of the Identify pillar. This is something which can be followed up if we are able to revise the model this year.

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