Information Literacy Landscape

One of the outcomes of my National Teaching Fellowship project was the concept of the Information Literacy Landscape.

The information literacy landscape through which an individual moves is shaped by external factors as well as a range of personal attributes and perceptions. The information literacy mind map below attempts to bring these factors together.The diagram illustrates the complexity of the information literacy landscape. It is not meant to be comprehensive, but to act as a starting point for debate and discussion. If we want to develop information literate students, we need to be aware that the landscape in which they are developing will be influenced by a wide range of different factors. Each individual will have a slightly different perspective on the landscape from their peers, so any information literacy teaching needs to be flexible and to allow for different responses. Too rigid an approach may result in an individual losing the way through their own personal information literacy environment.

Click on the diagram below to see a full size image.

Information Literacy Landscape c. Moira Bent, 2008.