Tuesday, 15 January 2013

Information Literacy Journal club: "ILread"

I'm interested to see that the first Information Literacy online Journal Club, organised by Sheila Webber and Niamh Tumelty is on Thursday January 17th 2013. The live discussion, which will take the form of comments on the Journal Club blog will start at 8pm UK time and end at 9.15pm. The first topic is the SCONUL Seven Pillars model.

Niamh and Sheila have posed the following questions to initiate the discussion:

- How do you think the SCONUL model compares with other models or information literacy standards
- Have you used the SCONUL 7 Pillars in practice? If so, how and what are your thoughts about it? for example:
- - Do you mostly just use the basic headings and diagram, or the longer explanations?
- - Are there pillar(s) that you find more difficult to address (or that learners find more difficult to understand)?
- - How do academics take to the model?
- What do you think of the various lenses that are already available for this model (e.g. the Research lens and digital literacy lens) and are there ones that have not yet been written but you think should be?

The outcomes of this discussion could be very helpful in shaping the future development of the SCONUL model. I always felt it should be flexible and organic and change and adapt to meet the needs of the community - this is an excellent opportunity to start to garner some (I hope constructive) feedback.


  1. Hi Moira,
    I'm delighted you've seen it - I sent an email before Christmas to see if you would like to be involved in the discussion but perhaps it didn't reach you? We'd love input from you and Ruth if at all possible.

  2. I didn’t see an email from you, how strange, but perhaps it went into my spam, or maybe it just slipped past me. I’d love to be involved in the discussion – hopefully will be back from Manchester (doing an IL/RDF talk) in time to at least lurk to begin with. My train gets in at 7.30 so it all depends if things run to time.
    I’ve not managed to keep up with things as well this last year, but I’m determined to get back on track this year. This is a good opportunity to do that! I’m keen to know what folks think of the model as it feels like my “baby”
    I hope it all goes well, it’s a great idea