Monday, 11 April 2011

Seven Pillars around the world

I know from my blog stats that there are people reading the blog in different parts of the world - if that's you, then I need your help please! The SCONUL IL Group is gathering information about the use of the 7 Pillars model in different countries. If you are aware of it being used in your country, or can spend a little time looking for examples for us then we'd be very grateful. It would also be helpful to know where it is not being used and if an alternative model is preferred. You can respond by adding a comment to this post, or emailing me directly:

I'm looking forward to hearing from you.


  1. I am interested in connecting with anyone who is using the 7 Pillars model in the U.S. Anything you can do to help me connect, is greatly appreciated!

  2. Hi Kevin. We don't have any data on US use yet so if you discover any I'd be pleased to know about it. I do have a contact over there who may know more, so I'll also contact her directly and ask. Once we add what we've found from around the world to the SCONUL website I'll be adding a blog post about it too.