Tuesday, 19 April 2011

New Vitae booklet: the Informed Researcher

The Seven Pillars
 The RIN and Vitae have commissioned a new booklet in Vitae's researcher series, called the Informed Researcher. As with the other booklets, the emphasis will be on practical tips, illustrated by quotes and comments. The consultant, Pat Gannon-Leary, would like to conduct a short survey amongst researchers, using the "one thing" technique I've mentioned before. She's looking for contacts amongst researchers - if you are a researcher, or know of someone who might like to help, please can you let me know. We're hoping the booklet will be published in September.


  1. Where is the Informed Researcher available? I am an Information Specialist in the K-12 system and also teach Humanities at two universities inthe U.S. I will begin my doctoral dissertation in the next months.

  2. Hi, It's not available yet, it is currently being researched and written, due to be published in September. As a researcher, I'm sure Pat would be pleased if you would fill in her survey. You can email her directly at pat@bederesearch.co.uk