Friday, 8 November 2013

Mastering Digital Librarianship - new book

I haven't been able to blog for a while due to intermittent time off work this year, but I just have to mention this new book coming out soon (15th Nov). In fact, my last post was about starting to write the book!
Mastering Digital Librarianship: Strategy, networking and discovery in academic libraries
is edited by Alison Mackenzie and Lindsey Martin but contains chapters by many well known folks. I'm pleased to say there's a chapter by me too, writing about our experiences of providing a digital library service to an international branch campus.

"The book examines the changing roles of the librarian and how working within a rich digital environment has impacted on the ability of professionals to develop the appropriate 'know how'; skills, knowledge and behaviours required in order to operate effectively.  Expert specialists and opinion makers from around the world discuss the challenges and successes of adapting existing practices, introducing new services and working with new partners in an environment that no longer recognises traditional boundaries and demarcation of roles.

The book is structured thematically, with a focus on three key strands where the impact of digital technologies is significant:

Rethinking marketing and communication - this strand looks at strategic approaches and practices which harness social media and illustrate the importance of communication and marketing activities in these new online spaces.

Rethinking support for academic practice - this part examines the professional expertise required of librarians who engage with and support new academic and learner practices in digitally rich teaching, learning and research environments.

Rethinking resource delivery - this section investigates the use of strategies to maximise access to online resources and services - harnessing system data to enhance collection management and user choice, the design and management of mobile 'friendly' learning spaces and in providing virtual resources and services to an overseas campus."

It's going to be a riveting Christmas read - make sure you add it to your must have list!

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