Monday, 4 March 2013

Libraries and International Branch Campuses

A few months ago I was pleased  to be invited to contribute a chapter to a new book edited by Alison Mackenzie and Lindsey Martin entitled Mastering Digital Librarianship. It has all be a little rushed since then, but I'm hoping the chapter I've just submitted will be acceptable. It's about International Branch Campuses and some of experiences we've had here in Newcastle in supporting our staff and students in Singapore. Here's a snippet from the introduction: "In a globalised economy, as institutions, driven by the need to maximise their income, extend their reach outside their country’s borders to establish outposts around the world, what thought is given to the library’s role? Does our digitally rich learning environment lead to unrealistic expectations of library support or is it an enabler to a more consistent level of access? ...this chapter will illustrate some of the benefits and challenges of engaging in international activities, particularly in a digital environment."

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