Friday, 8 February 2013

Changing the Learning Landscape workshops

This looks like an interesting series of workshops which I picked up on from the NTFS mailing list. Given recent conversations at work around definitions I'm interested to know what their understanding of Digital Literacies is.

The HEA is working with four partners – Jisc, NUS, ALT and LFHE - on a project aimed at embedding learning technologies in academic practice. The CLL - Professional Development Programme offers opportunities for academic staff and for those working in development and support roles to explore the use and embedding of learning technologies in academic practice.

The HEA led strand of the project, Changing the Learning Landscape (CLL), offers discipline-related workshops covering topics such as social media, mobile learning and open practice.

The workshops will run between March and May 2013 and topics include:
Where are we now with digital literacies? The experience of learners and the implications for development
Influencing strategy and change processes to enable the embedding of digital literacies
The role of digital literacies in supporting continuing professional development in HE contexts
The Use of Social Media in Science & Technology Teaching & Learning
Open Practice in the Social Sciences
Mobile Learning in Medicine and Dentistry
Social Media in Social Work
and lots more 
Full details on the CLL page of the HEA website.


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