Thursday, 3 November 2011

Too much teaching!

Can we ever have too much information literacy related teaching? A few years ago I'd have found this difficult to believe, but now I'm feeling more than a little overwhelmed by the hours which I could devote to it. I haven't managed to write my blog for quite a while because I have been teaching around 25 hours a week for the last few weeks. then there's preparation...
I try to work with academic staff to integrate IL into the curriculum, so I know my workload would be even higher if they weren't doing some too. What's the solution? I'm giving more "lectures" to large groups of 100+  backed up with optional workshops, less than ideal. We're also making more of the skills element avaialble as online tutorials, but I feel uneasy about doing this without some subjective context around it.
I wonder if the increase in demand is because at last there's a wider understanding of the importance of IL or just that we simply have more students. Is this happening elsewhere too? I'd be interested to hear

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