Saturday, 5 November 2011

Library Guides at Newcastle

We've been having fun at Newcastle over the last few months, creating a series of subject guides on our web pages. We've subscribed to the LibGuides software from Springshare (and I have to say they were very good about allowing us a lengthy trial period and being patient while we sorted out the paperwork). It's not very expensive and enables the creation of a pretty flexible set of web pages, very quickly. We're still developing them and have yet to discuss how consistent we want them to be, but we are delighted with their impact so far. They're an excellent way of drawing together a few key resources at subject level. Mine are still fairly basic (here's my Agriculture Guide), but my colleague Lucy is adding a lot of interesting content (here's her Arts Guide)


  1. Hi Moira, our Librarian has been pulling some together for different subject areas within English, thought you might be interested:

  2. Hi Niamh
    Thanks for that. I know we looked at some of the Cambridge Guides, we've copied shamelessly from best practice elsewhere!