Tuesday, 1 February 2011

DaMSSI Project

I promised Laura another panda!

I thought readers of my blog might like to have some information about the DaMSSI project, which I have a connection with because I'm a member of RIN's Information Handling Working Group. RIN is collaborating with the Digital Curation Centre and JISC to co-fund a new Research Data Management Skills Support Initiative (‘DaMSSI’), which aims to facilitate the use of tools like Vitae’s Researcher Development Framework and the SCONUL Seven Pillars of Information Literacy in order to help researchers and their institutions to effectively plan data management skills development and training.  Working with JISC’s five current research data management training projects, DaMSSI will undertake analysis and provide guidance and support that will draw from the experiences of these projects.  DaMSSI, which is overseen by the Working Group on Information Handling will run until August 2011. 
This is a very exciting opportunity to bring together models such as the 7 Pillars and the RDF  and to link them to active research projects supported by JISC and I'll be adding information provided by Laura Molloy from DaMSSI to my blog from time to time.

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