Tuesday, 18 January 2011

Rebuilding the seven pillars

As a member of the SCONUL Working Group on Information Literacy I have been working recently on updating the original 7 pillars model to make it relevant to today's information literacy environment.

Red Panda, Chengdu, July 2010

 We are redesigning the visual imagery as well as simplifying the names of the pillars.

 However for me, the key is that each pillar will now include aspects which encompass attitudes and behaviours relating to IL as well as skills and competencies.

Each pillar is underpinned by a clear framework which clarifies all the different aspects and the new model should be able to be used as an umbrella model for all the different parts of IL, such as digital and media literacies.

Ruth Stubbings and I will be launching the model by introducing the Research Lens at the LILAC conference in April.

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