Monday, 17 January 2011


 I've spent a little time today playing around with Mendeley.
Sleepy panda, Chengdu, July 2010

I was looking at it as an alternative to EndNote - we have developed very extensive support for EndNote over the years but I've been aware of all the free alternatives and thought it was time to find out more. I must say I'm quite impressed with my first experience of this tool. It works as a web tool and also as a desktop application and both sync together, so it's very easy to see info wherever you are. I loved the way it harvested pdfs from my desktop and plonked them into a folder for me! I shall use it to share some of my databases of references once I have them all updated.

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  1. I have used Mendeley for over a year and view it as a great open source multi platform alternative to EndNote.

    I use Mac and Linux but my colleagues use Windows.
    I use OpenOffice and they use Word.

    With Mendeley we are able to collaborate well.

    Now I need to see how to integrate the Newcastle Uni library into my Mendeley account, it seems to want something called Open URL..