Friday, 17 February 2012

IL for academic staff

A colleague and I are currently devising a couple of modules in Blackboard, part of an Innovation Fund award from the University. One of the modules is aimed at academic staff, to encourage them to think about how to integrate IL development into the curriculum. It's based on workshops I currently run for our Intensive CASAP (Certificate in Academic Practice) which the university has been delivering for Nigerian academics. I'm hoping to test it with staff at our campus in Singapore next month. This is something close to my heart, I firmly believe that librarians shouldn't be teaching all the IL development, it should be an integral part of the student learning experience and owned by all teaching staff. Of course library staff can facilitate it and support the staff in delivery and I do enjoy delivering sessions myself, but I think the most effective sessions are those which students perceive as part of the discipline. That means we have to let go a little and "they" have to own it more.
Durham Lumiere

Our twin module contains IL resources for students and it could be run as a "stand -alone" skills module, but what I'm really hoping is that academic staff will take chunks, tailor them and embed them into their own modules. Is this just a dream? We shall see. It's certainly easier to just point them to a module, but is this effective? Maybe it's ok for info skills, but then the context relating to attitudes and behaviours, so key to the new 7Ps model, is lost.

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