Tuesday, 10 January 2012

SCONUL Seven Pillars model: Digital Literacy lens

Durham lumiere: Lord Londonderry snowdome c. A Bent
Since we launched the new SCONUL Seven Pillars model last April, we've had a lot of feedback, mainly positive, about the new approach. The main difference from the original approach was the addition of attributes relating to understanding and approach as well as abilities. This is underpinned by a core model which can be viewed through a series of "lenses", depending on the audience or environment. We launched the research lens alongside the core model, to demonstrate how this might work and I'm really excited that over the last few months colleagues have been developing other lenses. The latest addition, created by Helen Howard and Alison Mackenzie, is a Digital Literacy lens. It's already available on the SCONUL WGIL website in draft form and is very timely, given the current JISC activities around developing digital literacies. I hope folks will have time to look at the new lens - if you'd like to post comments about it here I can take them back to the Group.

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