Saturday, 11 June 2011

The Cambridge Curriculum for Information Literacy

Heron near Falkirk Wheel (thanks Kathy)
Last week I was interviewed by Jane Secker and Emme Coonan as part of their research for their Arcadia Fellowship. It was nice to be called an "expert witness" - not sure I agree with that description, I'm more just an enthusiastic amateur! The project is fascinating. Jane and Emma are aiming to understand the information needs of future undergraduate students on entering UK higher education and so develop a revolutionary curriculum for information literacy that can be used with them. The curriculum aims to be flexible so that it can be can be used and adapted in a variety of settings and will support face to face, blended and online learning provision. I really enjoyed our chat. Having the opportunity to reflect back on my own NTF research was useful too.One of the useful outcomes from my NTF work was encouraging me to think about how the way in which teachers perceive IL affects how they integrate it into their teaching - if they think of it as skills, or even just using the library, then they may not address the underlying attitudes, understandings and behaviours which need to be taught alongside the skills

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